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How to make vinaigrette

By: Antoine

23 July 2019

Salads are the perfect light side dish we can have with heavy meals and dishes. And you know what? They can be budget-friendly as well if we make them at home so there is no need to waste money on what you can do at home in a couple of minutes.

But what makes the salads taste refreshing? Yes, its a vinaigrette. So, today we are going to show you how to make vinaigrette and different recipes, which are very simple, and anybody can make them easily by putting very little effort.

Vinaigrette is a common type of dressing made by mixing an acidic solution such as vinegar or lemon juice with oil of your choice. The flavor of this mixture is enhanced by adding salt, spices as well as herbs. Dijon mustard is often added to vinaigrette recipes which helps in emulsification and enhances the taste as well.

Basic steps

A lightly dressed salad is way better than eating a boring salad. So, all you have to do is follow these easy steps.

  • Emulsifying the vinaigrette
  • Preparing the greens
  • Dressing the salad


Vinaigrettes are generally the mixture of an acidic solution and oil that don’t get along with each other. But, in case of vinaigrettes, they are combined into one paste through the help of emulsion.

To make a perfect emulsified vinaigrette that stays homogenous even after sitting around, you have to add emulsifiers. Dijon mustard is perfect for making vinaigrettes as mustard contain emulsifiers.

How to make vinaigrette

Consider any vinaigrette recipe just follow the following steps

  • Take a big bowl
  • Stabilize it by placing it on to folded kitchen towel
  • Add vinegar, lemon or any other liquid the recipe calls for
  • Now add salt and pepper or any other spices you are using
  • Give them a whisk
  • Now add herbs or any other puree or solid ingredients in case you are using
  • Whisk them
  • Now slowly drizzle oil whatever type you are using and give it a whisk. Don’t add to fast otherwise it will prevent from being emulsifying

The vinaigrette must be thick while having an oily sheen in it.

Tada! Your vinaigrette is ready.

Oil to Water Ratio

The ideal oil to water ratio for a basic vinaigrette is three to one, respectively. If you want a lighter vinaigrette, you can simply reduce the lemon or vinegar and add a little water.

Storing the Vinaigrette

You can store the vinaigrette in the refrigerator. Simple vinaigrette can last from 7-10 days easily while the ones with other ingredients last for 3-5 days.

Just give the vinaigrette a hard shake or a good whisk before using. If the oil solidifies, you can microwave it for 15 seconds and then shake or whisk it.

How to dress the salad.

Start by washing your greens in cold water.

  • Clean of any debris or dirt.
  • Completely dry don’t leave any water on the surface of a leaf will prevent the dressing from adhering properly (you can also use a salad spinner to dry salad).
  • Take a large bowl and add your greens
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Drizzle greens with the dressing
  • Toss them properly

Point to remember

When dressing salads always wait until the last minute to dress the salad otherwise the vegetables.

Though bottled salad dressing can be convenient, but they are expensive and full of salt, sugar, and chemical additives. Making your own at home is simple and gives you the freedom to customize the seasoning to suit whatever meal you are preparing without upsetting your budget.


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