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Our essence

We believe that what we eat shapes how we feel, how we act and how we treat the planet. We believe that it is a spirit and an energy that can keep on growing and keep on fueling itself. We also believe that the pursuit of sweet happiness doesn’t have to come at the expense of the body or planet.

Pronounced "leh-co-kane"

LeCoquin is French for sneaky little kid. That said, we believe in creating and enjoying guilt-free pleasures, so there’s no need to be sneaky anymore.


Our History

Founder Antoine Robert’s inspiration dates back to 1923 when the first generation of bakers and chocolatiers in his family opened a shop in Pornichet, France. Driven by the belief that the creation of sweet treats is an art form, Louis Caillaud quickly became known as the go-to place for the finest edible goods.

Almost 100 years later Antoine is continuing this commitment to excellence. He has combined the best of the past with the best of today in the LeCoquin Coconut Signature Series. A range of dairy-free products that offer the highest level of quality, taste and texture and is the ultimate expression of nutrition and heritage for the modern food lover.

We believe in using what nature has designed in order to create something nutritious that can unite people.

Our Founder

Like the finest of recipes, Antoine Robert’s story is one that is rich in layers, textures and unexpected experiences.

For Antoine it started with a teenage eating disorder that threatened to overshadow all other joys in life. But after years of travelling – both inwardly and across the globe – he learned the lesson that his forefather’s had learned: That food is not an enemy, but a true ally to provide you with real pleasure.

Antoine also learned that a world of average is not an option. He chose to shun the predictable and embrace a world of innovation, enrichment and positivity. It is a spirit that has become the North Star of the LeCoquin brand, the founder, and the growing community of those who believe that one can still indulge in life and still feel – and be – good.
Our team

LeCoquin’s secret ingredient is our team’s collective drive, positive mindset and unrivalled passion. These qualities keep us focused on our vision to consistently offer our consumers the highest quality coconut-based nutritious foods that we, and they, love.

Ready to cook like a Master Cheff?

Explore our famous cook with Le Coquin section for inspiration.